First Batch Men Perfumes


FM 169 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
FM 155 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
FM 195 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
FM 169 Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue Pour Homme (100ml , fragrance 16%). Relaxing aroma of Sicilian mandarin and spices.

FM 155 Inspired by Prada – Pour Homme (100ml , fragrance 16%). Highly addictive luxury scent of cardamom, saffron and geranium.

FM 195 Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana – The One Man (100ml , fragrance 16%). Mix of coriander and cardamom smoked with a pinch of refined tabacco.

                      FM 300 EDP 50ml (20% fragrances) MYR 97.20, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
                                            SOB3 SORRY..DEFINITELY SOLD OUT!!
FM 300 Inspired by Dior – Homme Sport (50ml , fragrance 20%). Light , dynamic composition of grapefruit, lemon and bergamot with lavender and cedar notes.

  FM 302 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 100.50, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
FM 199 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
FM 301 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
  FM 325 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 100.50, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
FM 302 Inspired by Serge Luttens – Ambre Sultan (100ml , fragrance 16% RM 105.00, 50ml, fragrance 16%_RM 67.90). Simple and very masculine fragrance based on flowers, orange zest, oriental spices and ambergris.

FM 199 Inspired by Paco Rabbane – 1million (100ml , fragrance 16%). Rich and complex composition of mint, tangerine, cinnamon, cardamom, rose and leather notes.

FM 301 Inspired by Diesel – Only the Brave (100ml , fragrance 16%). Strong aroma of cedar wood, coriander, ambergris and resin, enchanced with energetic notes of lemon and mandarin.

FM 325 Inspired by Biotherm Homme – Force (100ml , fragrance 16%). Freshness and energy of nerola combined with intoxicating notes of cardamom, patchouli, cedar, vetiver and absinthe.

FM 329 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
FM 327 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
FM 326 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
 FM 328 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
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FM 329 Inspired by Hugo Boss – Soul (100ml , fragrance 16%). Sensual and modern. That is the fragrance of bergamot anf lavender combined with the vetiver, anise and black pepper.

FM 327 Inspired by Chanel – Bleu De Chanel (100ml , fragrance 16%). Wild aroma of grapefruit,,  vetiver, patchouli,  labdanum resin complemented with wooden and pink pepper accords.

FM 326 Inspired by Hugo Boss – Boss Bottled Night (100ml , fragrance 16%). Seductive mix of birch leaves, african violet, cardamom and sensual musk.

FM 328 Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana – The One Gentlemen (100ml , fragrance 16%). Elegance and charm uniquely combined in cardamom, fennel, lavender, patchouli and vanilla notes.

                                                  SOB3 SORRY..DEFINITELY SOLD OUT!!

                FM 331 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 92.90, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
                FM 330 EDP 100ml (16% fragrances) MYR 97.20, sample 1.4ml MYR 10.00
FM 331 Inspired by Shiseido – Zen Men (100ml , fragrance 16%). Daring wood and leather notes, complemented with juicy pear and orange flavored with nutmeg and fresh patchouli.

FM 330 Inspired by Amouage – Lyric for Men (100ml , fragrance 16%). Chilly breeze of fresh, bergamot, hawthorn and angelica strengthened with sweet notes of honey, caramel and musk. NEW!


                                                                 EDP 50ml (Fragrance 16%)
                                                               SAMPLE 1.4ml is MYR 10.00
FM 68 Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana – Men. Stimulating scent of cedar wood,lavender, tobacco, bergamot and lemon.

FM 57 Inspired by Lacoste – Lacoste Pour Homme. Paradise composition of apple, plum, cinnamon, pepper and Jamaican rum.

FM 64 Inspired by Giorgio Armani – Black Code. Elegant and sensual aroma of mandarin, anise, musk and olive tree flowers.

FM 208 Inspired by Givenchy – Play. Ultramodern fragrance seducing with sharpness of pink pepper and sweetness of mandarin.

FM134 Inspired by Giorgio Armani – Aqua Di Gio. Captivating aroma of mandarin, bitter orange, seaweed, rosemary, patchouli and cedar.

FM 135 Inspired by Bulgari – Aqua pour Homme. Surprising intensity of mandarin, bitter orange, santolina and ambergris.

FM 316 Inspired by Calvin Klein – ONE. A sensual aroma of jasmine, violet, rose, musk and papaya.

FM 52 Inspired by Hugo Boss – Boss. Hypnotising scent of citrus fruits, apple, cinnamon and gillyflower.

FM 224 Inspired by Paco Rabbane – Black XS. Sugarcane, vanilla, ambergris, nutmeg and jasmine create a sweet and a very seductive composition.

FM 43 Inspired by Hugo Boss – Hugo Energise. Energetic scent of cardamom, pink pepper, mandarin, coriander and freesia.

FM 110 Inspired by J.P.Gaultier – La Male. Combined powers of vanilla, musk, amber, orange blossom and lily of the valley.

FM 60 Inspired by Giorgio Armani – Emporio City Glam. Orange, mint, ginger, galanga, moss and musk. The scent of freedom.

FM 83 Inspired by Bulgari – Bulgari Pour Homme Soir. Delicate and captivating aroma of bergamot, papyrus and sensual tones of musk.

FM 56 Inspired by Christian Dior – Fahrenheit. Inflaming your senses with extracts of honeysuckle, juniper, resin and cedar.

FM 189 Inspired by Diesel – Fuel For Life. Vivid and pulsating combination of grapefruit, raspberry, lavender and heliotrope.

FM 66 Inspired by Giorgio Armani – Attitude. Delicate notes of lavender and Chinese cedar, enriched with accords of lime and balsamic ambergis.

FM 314 Inspired by Davidoff – Cool Water Game. The freshness of sea breeze combined with the delicacy of water lilies.

FM 54 Inspired by Hugo Boss – Hugo. Aroma of bergamot, mint, sage, lavender, cedar and oak moss.


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